Being Self Employed is hard enough, without waisting time when the computer plays up, has a go slow, fails to print.

Our light user support package could be for you. Well we do try to limit it to 5 remotes per annum (worth £150) or 5 hours. The package is very flexable and a good starting point, its very easy to upgrade.

Self employed, work from home, volunteer, but sometimes realise iT isnt your thing.

Sign up today for £9 per month (£108 per annum or the equivellient of 3.6 hours per annum)

click here to sign up this is remote support only, offsite, onsite or hardware repair is chargable.

other support packages for business start at £50 per month for 1 hour per month or 2 remote per month maximum of 12 hours per annum. this includes hardware repair, offsite and onsite, and remote.

small business generally take out the £60 per month packages, this includes 2 hours labour per month, 24 hours per annum, charged in 30 min increments in appose to 1 hour min. this includes remote and onsite local.

5-10 staff, your need the medium package, £120 per month, 4 hours per month remote,

offsite,onsite (2 per month or 48 hours per annum)

Remote support via our custom secure app

  1. download
  2. click and send code along with when the pc or mac is free and what the issue is.
  3. go get a coffee and let us do the rest

*package subject to acceptance. Normal rates £30 per hour, remote assistance business rates.